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Jun 21, 2020
trustedshopcom is a Ukrainian online pharmacy selling sexual enhancers and more. Ukraine is a very dangerous country. It is classified as such because it is a well-known source of online fraud. This encourages people to approach every website that leaves the country with caution. Unfortunately, it has much bigger problems than contacting Ukraine. Not only is it new, it also doesn’t have a good reputation or paper experience online. The small amount of information you chose is rather vague. They are not revealing enough to prove the legitimacy of the store.

Domain Name Information

Details in the domain name database show that this pharmacy is registered for one year only. This exposes the store to a greater risk of deception than the legitimate store. There is a small amount of information about the site owner’s website address in the logs. This tells us that located in Moscow, Russia. Unfortunately, there is no more detailed information or more.


Related Sites

For such a young site, you might be surprised to learn that it got 89% of Perhaps you can attribute this to the store’s SSL certificate, which is surprising as well. Usually, websites of this type lack SSL certificates. The presence of an SSL certificate here indicates that the store is not completely bad. This also applies to Alexa rankings, which is much higher than you expect. Many people are clearly visiting the site today. But this does not prove that the store is legal and that it would be wrong to give you your money just because it puts a sign of some money. The company has far more weaknesses than its strengths.

Business Contact Details

Although you expect to find a business address in Moscow for, in reality it does not provide your business address on the site. They also don’t mention the company name and these problems together indicate that the store is more than a scam.

Legal Approvals

Although there has been a pharmaceutical website since 2019, I haven’t heard of The same applies to any other source that certifies and licenses these platforms. In other words, it has no regulatory authority.

Available Products

The store catalog contains medicines for diseases such as:

  • Hair loss etc.
  • Cholesterol
  • Cancer

If they can believe their claims, they sell branded and generic items. But as mentioned above, the origin of is unknown.


Prices, Payments and Deliveries

Platform rates are attractive. It is very low. This could explain Alexa’s high rank. Everyone wants a cheap medicine. However, it does not make sense to buy cheap drugs sold here if their origin is unknown. Payment is made via credit cards and electronic checks. If you want the company to place your order, it uses services like DHL, UPS, dpd and FedEx.


Prescription Requirements

The store does not require you to provide a valid prescription for the pills you wish to purchase. This conflicts with the regular practice of online medical sales and means that you may be able to purchase medicines that are dangerous to you.


The store has a page with many excellent reviews from This can reassure customers and encourage them to make a purchase, but we have seen these comments on other incorrect websites. The use of fake customer reviews is common in fraudulent pharmacies and this is what happens here.



This store has SSL certification and Alexa rating. But none of these factors matter in the absence of business administration and regulatory authority, the anonymous owner, and the age of young dominance. So deserves 2 stars.