RxInfoPoint.com – Regulatory Issues


Jun 22, 2020

More than 95% of online pharmacies are illegal. Pharmacies often face many problems, ranging from mirrors to legal approval. RxInfoPoint.com is one of those sites. We’ve prepared a detailed review to understand why you shouldn’t trade with that pharmacy. This review was prepared below after a detailed examination of every aspect of the online store.

Domain information

According to WhoIs, the site was registered on July 3, 2018. It contains the server sandy.ns.cloudflare.com and sean.ns.cloudflare.com. It has a physical address in Great Britain. However, other vulnerable countries such as the Netherlands and Germany are very likely to participate. The site is registered with a very short half-life and is an important sign of illegal websites.


Company Profile

The owners of RxInfoPoint.com have made it difficult for everyone to know the exact brand of the pharmacy. Information about the company that runs the pharmacy was intentionally removed. The name “Canada Drugs” is used on the home page without direct reference. Furthermore, our research shows that “Canada Medicines” is not a registered company name anywhere. Also, not much has been given about a pharmacy on the About Us page, indicating a deliberate attempt to hide the pharmacy’s official brand.

Legal Approvals

The company’s license number is not included and there is no approval from a trusted authority such as CIPA, FDA, etc. The site is reported to be selling counterfeit and unauthorized medications and has downloaded millions of dollars. Perhaps the drugs were made in Pakistan and India. The site has not been verified by PharmacyChecker. LegitScript also gave RxInfoPoint.com a fraudulent status.


Like most online pharmacy scams, store focuses on sexual enhancement medications. These drugs are popular in online pharmacy scams because they are sorely needed and do not require a prescription. Sexual enhancement drugs are often abused. Since this pharmacy has no legal approval, we can confirm that you are selling substandard counterfeit drugs / products. It seems that the pharmacy sells many other medicines; However, the source and quality cannot be determined.


Payment and Shipping

You can buy medications through this site through the following payment options:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Bitcoin

RxInfoPoint.com does not have an SSL certificate, but claims to offer secure online payment. You can choose between two shipping methods: airmail shipping and courier service. Airmail shipping takes 2-3 weeks and mail delivery takes 5-7 days. You can get free airmail shipping for orders over $ 200 and free shipping for orders over $ 300.


Prescription Requirements

The pharmacy does not have a clear prescription policy on the home page, like most legitimate online pharmacies, indicating that you do not need a prescription to buy medications on the site.


There are some customer testimonials, but there is no guarantee that the comments are real. Most certificates simply confirm that the customer has received the package in good condition. Nothing was mentioned about the quality of the products or the discounts they received from RxInfoPoint.com. Testimonials resemble these fake sites.



We view the presence of the pharmacy as a weak attempt to mislead consumers because everyone will see red flags with little effort. The site has not invested in an SSL certificate, but they expect you to enter and pay for personal information. Besides that; The people behind the site are unknown. The pharmacy also lacks legal approval to question the quality of the drugs offered for sale. The certificates on the Rxinfopoint site are also fake.