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Jun 28, 2020
pharmapassportcom is a Canada-based online pharmacy that promises to sell you the same type and quality of drugs that you can find at other pharmacies, but at much lower prices. The pharmacy website also promises a security guarantee with ID Theft Protection and an order guarantee, these are just some of the features. Unlike many pharmacy websites, this online pharmacy is currently only available in English. In this article, we are going to verify all claims of this website and help you decide if this is a safe pharmacy website for you to use.

Domain Information

The website was created on August 9, 2004 and the site has no private connection. The information on the site is safe and cannot be copied to others. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about disclosing your personal data, card data as it cannot be stolen. The site should expire on August 9, 2023. site is very up to date and they continue to regularly offer new information and blogs.


Business Profile

The website is registered through a company called Contact Privacy Inc., a company used by people who want privacy when registering their website. However, there is a wealth of verifiable information on the online pharmacy website claiming that the website is owned by a company called PharmaPassport in the Canadian state of British Columbia. At ScamAdviser, this online pharmacy has a 20% trust score because the website uses external companies to hide their identities when registering their website.


Legal Approvals

This online pharmacy ensures that prescriptions are only filled through pharmacies that have been verified and have the correct certifications. The website has also been approved by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), which is great because there are thousands of online pharmacy services that are not CIPA approved. If you provide a prescription, the pharmacy will assess it thoroughly. They take your general health into account and then send your prescriptions to CIPA. If there is anything to fill out the prescription, they do so at Canadian online pharmacies affiliated with CIPA and licensed to do so. consider and also provide medical advice from pharmacists under International PharmacyChecker. The pharmacies in their database have a certified license number at the provincial or state government level.


Products and Prices

There are thousands of products available on this pharmacy ecommerce platform, there are no product categories, but if you have something specific in mind that you are looking for, you can easily find it with the search function or the alphabetical menu.


Payment and Shipping

There are currently 4 methods available in this online pharmacy to pay for your orders. They use personal checks, electronic checks, international money orders and certified bank checks. As for shipping, there is currently only one shipping option available, this shipping option costs a flat fee of $ 9.95 and it takes an average of 2-4 weeks for your order to arrive from

Scam or Legit?

This online drugstore is completely legit because it is part of multiple respected and government-approved pharmaceutical regulatory agencies that online pharmacies cannot participate in. At URLVoid there is currently a warning regarding the website of this pharmacy because the website is registered through a third party website.


The pharmacy has received good reviews from customers over the years, and there are no such complaints against the website or the drug. You can rest assured that the site is getting drugs at affordable prices.



In conclusion, is an affordable online pharmacy that is legit but doesn’t have many positive reviews, so it is recommended that you look for better alternatives before making a decision.