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Jun 21, 2020

Generic drugs can be very affordable compared to branded drugs. The only question is whether the generics you want to buy are completely safe. Today we’re going to shed some light on one of those pharmacies called Not only will we share our results with you, but we will also summarize other reviews to help you understand whether they are legitimate or not.

Domain information

The site was first created on 01-17-2018. We always get all the fake pharmacy websites under 3-4 years old. This site is no different. He is only two years old and no one should trust a pharmacy that has not worked for at least 4 years. Also, the name of the site registered on this site is hidden, which is suspicious. This could be because you fear that spam will be sent to you. In general, we can say that this is not a good sign.


Business Profile

This online pharmacy is registered by a third-party company called REG.RU LLC, a Russian-based company, so the website owners may be from Russia, which is highly suspicious due to the presence of a number of US phone USA At the website address. At Samjadviser, this pharmaceutical website received 85% trust, but it is important to note that this site does not receive many visitors, so it may not have been reported.

Regulatory Approvals

The main regulatory authorities are:

    • CIPA
    • NABP
    • Pharmacy checker
    • LegitScript

The LegitScript database was searched and the pharmacy website was not available. It clearly states that it is a phishing pharmacy website. This means that she sells the drug without illegal documents. The main reason that pharmacies are not approved is because they sell low quality drugs that are not safe to use. It can affect you negatively. For this reason, we recommend that you stay away from this online pharmacy.

SSL certificate

The only good thing about this pharmacy is that they have an SSL certificate. This means that they care about the privacy of their users. Your company must have a website and an SSL certificate. Then you can say that it is not harmful to browse this site.

Products and Prices

The “About Us” page on this site indicates that 67% of customers return and make other purchases within one month of their first order. This could be an attempt to persuade people to use the site because no evidence has been provided.


Payment and Delivery

This site accepts payments through MasterCard, VISA, MoneyGram and Western Union. If you have one of these, you can easily place an order on the site. Regular airmail and express mail are two ways to send to this pharmacy. Regular airmail is cheap and takes time to reach you, while express delivery services are expensive and only take 5-7 days to arrive. You can follow the courier, but you can’t follow normal airmail.



Some reviews are available on third party websites on this pharmaceutical website, and most of these reviews give a low score between one star and two stars out of a total of 5. It seems that they are not trying to be misleading, but there are many other Incorrect information on the site that makes this site unreliable.



This is definitely an illegal site that offers low quality drugs at incredibly low prices. It has no legal approvals. Although it contains an SSL certificate, you still cannot blindly trust it for the security of your personal information. We value with a confidence level of 35%.