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Jun 30, 2020
glphpluscom claims to be a reliable and trustworthy online pharmacy offering international shipping facilities. Do you want to buy medicines through this site? Well, so we always ask you to do our in-depth analysis so you can better understand the platform. The article includes many aspects like domain information, company profile information, regulatory approvals, shipping information, and more.

Domain Information

You can find domain information for this online pharmacy website at According to the information we obtained, the domain was registered on 11-26-2012. Since the date the domain was registered, it is clear that the platform has been in operation since 2012. The domain expires on 11/25/2020. Contact details for your domain registrar are briefly listed in WhoIs. The country registered is listed in the CZ.


Company Information

While appears to be a true online pharmacy, it does not have regulatory approval from agencies such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, The Canadian Association of International Pharmacy, and European drug agencies. This means that the pharmacy operates illegally and is most likely involved in cross-border smuggling. In 2010, the Canadian Department of Health even warned Canadians not to buy medicines from this pharmacy because of the alleged illegal transactions in the company.


Legal Approvals

In our opinion, regulatory approvals are an important part of this article that will help you understand whether or not this platform is distributing your medicines from certified manufacturers. That is why we are trying to check if this site is CIPA and LegitScript certified. CIPA indicates that there are more than sixty websites with CIPA stamps. Unfortunately, does not have CIPA approval. Likewise, the platform is not supported by LegitScript. LegitScript has flagged this site as fraud and deception. Since CIPA and LegitScript do not support the platform, it is advisable to avoid this platform and not to drop the price of the cheap medicine.


As for the prices, the drugs on this site are very low. This company supplies medicines at a fraction of the cost of other pharmacies. You can save up to 75% on popular and public medicines. However, these low prices raise doubts about the source of these drugs. We suspect that the company is part of an extensive counterfeit pharmaceutical union so that it can offer medicines at very low prices. The safety of these medicines is not guaranteed and you have a moderate risk of poisoning.


Payment and Shipping Methods supports commonly used online payment methods such as MasterCard, Personal Check and International Money Order. Payments are secured by HTTPS. Generally, the site supports the standard Airmail shipping method that does not come with a tracking option.


Many of them are posted to the certification department of this pharmacy website. Most of these reviews are from customers who rated the pharmacy and their medication. Unfortunately, we were unable to verify whether it was true or false. Because there is no way to validate the users whose comments have been posted. Therefore, all of these testimonies appear to have been tampered with, false and false.

Conclusion appears to be a legitimate brand drugstore and amazing deals of generic drugs. However, the fact that the company has no legal approvals or licenses detracts from the good side. We recommend that customers are cautious when dealing with this site.