DrugMartDirect.com – Not The Worst Place To Buy From


Jun 22, 2020

Drugmartdirect.com is a pharmacy claiming to be a leading Canadian retailer offering cheap medicines. They say they put customers first because they provide reliable pills for a fraction of the cost they generally pay. We analyze the service provided to try to find out if this is really good as they claim.

Domain information

The data in the domain name registers indicate that this pharmacy has been working for a maximum of 4 years. Many legal pharmacies have a much longer history than this, so this could be an early indication that it is not as safe as you want it to be.


Secure connection

One way to check the legitimacy of a website is to check if it has a secure connection. Most phishing sites have an insecure connection and it is risky to use passwords and credit cards with this site. We have reviewed the site and determined that you have a secure connection and that it is therefore safe to use your credit cards and personal information.

Personal Information

DrugMartDirect.com has made the information about its owner public and is easily accessible to everyone. We couldn’t find anything suspicious based on the owner’s information as most phishing websites hide your identity through a service. You have a valid IP address, a valid email address, a valid physical website and mobile addresses. Therefore, the site can easily pass the sharia test based on the owner’s information.


Legal Approvals

They have in-store organizational stamps for the Canadian associations CIPA and Pharmacy Auditor. Clicking on these stamps confirms that the pharmacy is registered with them. This means they run their business more reliably, request prescriptions when needed, and protect customer data. This should work to ensure that purchases in this store provide safe services to customers.


Payments and Shipping

The site offers four payment options; Credit card, check, international money order and electronic bank transfer. However, they did not give the type of credit card that was accepted and it can be very confusing.
DrugMartDirect.com claims to supply medicines worldwide. They did not provide delivery options, but did provide a number to call when buying an order for delivery inquiries. They deliver the drug in about two to four working weeks and may take longer depending on how long the order has been processed. However, the website requires the country to require delivery of USPS. These countries include Singapore, China, Switzerland, etc. This form of delivery is missing and we think it has added a better delivery method.


The pharmacy collects reviews from DrugmartDirect.com on the Canadian Pharmacy Reviews website. They have over 4,700 customer testimonials on the site and they are usually favorable. Overall rating is 4.8 out of 5 indicating that they seem to be doing well. Customers seem particularly pleased with prices and delivery that were faster than expected.


Customer Service

They have many options when you need to contact customer service. They have a toll-free number for US customers. USA And also an international line. There are also fax numbers, email address, direct chat and postal address. It also provides hours to customer support personnel, all of which are a good indicator of your satisfaction with the response if you need to contact the help desk.


DrugMartDirect.com appears to be a fraudulent website, according to LegitScript. However, CIPA certification is a good sign that we can trust the company. The reviews are mostly positive, but they also have some complaints. For this reason, the site deserves a 3-star rating.