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Jul 2, 2020
costcopharmacyco is a store that claims to be committed to providing its customers with an easy and cost effective medical service. This allows you to order and refill recipes 24 hours a day via the website. Check out what this pharmacy has to offer to find an answer to whether or not you should consider ordering the following drug.

Domain Information

From the details of WhoIs in the pharmacy, we learned that the pharmacy range was first registered on December 14, 2012 and will expire on December 14, 2020 if the owner does not renew the license. The domain is almost eight years old, along with the name Costco, making it a trustworthy and trustworthy company. The website also loads very fast and the server does not share with more than one website.


Business Profile is an American multinational with more than 700 stores in 13 countries. Most of these are located in the United States and 100 in Canada. They operate through a membership system and have nearly 100 million members. Costco has been in existence since 1983 and had revenues of $ 145.6 billion in 2018 with nearly 250,000 employees. Obviously, this is a legitimate company that must provide reliable pharmacy services.

Legal Approvals

Unfortunately, the pharmacy is not authorized by CIPA and LegitScript does not contain the pharmacy in its database. Don’t worry, though, as it’s a Costco subsidiary and also licensed by Nova Scotia Fishermen College.

Available Medicines offers customers a wide range of medicines. They provide a lot of information about specific medications on the product pages so that customers can identify any side effects from taking the pills. Since this pharmacy is part of a large and reputable company, the drugs they sell are expected to come from the best sources. This means that all pills bought in the store are safe and of high quality.

But they don’t provide information about their prices without joining their site. This may indicate that prices are higher than some other online sources.


Payment and Delivery

The pharmacy only accepts payments with Visa and Mastercard. They also accept your insurance plan to pay for your medicines. Their payments are fully encrypted with SSL, something you would expect from a large and stable store and you don’t have to worry about identity theft when buying medication. offers fast shipping to ensure you get the prescribed medications on time. If you need the first prescription, your doctor should call or fax it to the pharmacy. Once this procedure is complete or you need a prescription to refill, you can expect to deliver your order through the Costco Mail Order pharmacy within 3 to 5 business days. They give each order a tracking number so you can track your order whenever you want. The pharmacy also does not ship internationally and only ships within Canada.

The products and services are very affordable, but not surprising. They just want to bring their medicines and services within reach of every member in the areas they serve.


While this pharmacy is part of a large and well-known company, customer reviews aren’t great. It is somewhat difficult to find certificates directly related to the drugstore, but the reviews we find are not positive. You might argue that since this store is a larger company it will attract more negative reviews. While this may be true, it is not a good idea to find such a negative response. The overall result for Trustpilot’s feedback is only 1.5 out of five, although this is all for the Costa Canada commercial, not just the pharmacy.



One thing that has a lot in its favor is that it is a subsidiary of Costco, which allows us to overlook some of its drawbacks, such as lack of CIPA, LegitScript approval, no customer reviews on TrustPilot, etc. The pharmacy also has a high trust score on ScamAdviser and mostly positive reviews on Yelp. In general, a pharmacy is popular, but not flawless. We give 3 out of 5 stars based on our research.