– Just another hoax


Jun 20, 2020
canadianpillshop claims to be the leading Canadian online pharmacy that sells generic men’s medications at affordable prices without a prescription. They also claim to maintain high levels of drug quality along with unmatched safety standards not found in other pharmacies. We have reviewed the pharmacy for you, so be sure to read the review below before making any purchases at the pharmacy.

Domain name information

Looking at the domain name registrations for this pharmacy, we can see that they have not worked for a long time. registered their domain name just three months ago, and this makes them more likely to be a fraud pharmacy. We should also be able to see information about who registered the domain. However, the store owner made the decision to use the domain privacy service to ensure that their information was not found in the records. Unsurprisingly, scammers often use this type of service that they don’t want to find your information online. It can also be used by reputable companies, so it does not conclusively indicate that this pharmacy cannot be trusted.


Business Profile

The owner of uses a privacy service to hide identity and real location according to ScamAdviser. They gave it a real title, but when we check the address, there is no such company at this address. The data also indicates that three countries participated in the creation of the pharmacy: the United States, the Netherlands, and an unknown random country. Their contact details and social media pages are equally obscure and the user did not respond to our inquiries when requested.


Regulatory approvals

Then we go to verify the status of your organization for its legal presence. As expected, there are no relevant regulatory authorities such as CIPA, Pharmacy Checker, MPA, NABP, etc., this business is not mentioned on their website. Also, LegitScript has not yet reviewed , which means its products are still uncertain and there could be potential harmful substances in your medicine.

Medicines for Sale

The store contains generic and more expensive generic drugs for sale on the site. Their prices are low but there are some problems with the pills they sell. By reviewing the product pages, we can see that it does not provide any information on where the medications were shipped or who made them. The pills can be shipped from India, China or Pakistan, we don’t know for sure. In addition to the other things we’ve found out about the store, it may suggest that the pills they sell are not of the high quality you expect. There is a real risk of selling pills through as counterfeit. This could let any unfortunate agent turn to drugs that could do them more harm than good.


Payment Options

The pharmacy accepts all major credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, JCB, and Diners Club. However, there is no SSL encryption on both the external pay break and the main website. Consequently, there is a high risk of identity theft on the platform as they may attempt to steal or duplicate your confidential data during payment.


There is a page that shows the ratings of They have 10 customer testimonials, although after close examination one of them is repeated. While these comments may give you confidence in the pharmacy, something seems wrong. The notes are often related to cereals for men’s health and give the full name and the city or town in which a person lives. People generally don’t want to give their full name and location when they comment on products of this type, so this may indicate that the comments are not original. Counterfeit customer testimonials are a common problem at fraud pharmacies listed here.



From the beginning of our article, it was clear that was just another pharmacy hoping to become a hoax if it wasn’t already. Many false claims were made throughout the site along with the horrible owner, no legal approval, no SSL stamp etc. All this made the pharmacy a sinister business, not a legitimate one. We do not recommend this pharmacy now because it is new and has many features of an unauthorized pharmacy.