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  • – Still Should Be Concerned – Still Should Be Concerned is a store that claims to be committed to providing its customers with an easy and cost effective medical service. This allows you to order and refill recipes 24… – They Are Cheating claims to be a reliable and trustworthy online pharmacy offering international shipping facilities. Do you want to buy medicines through this site? Well, so we always ask you to… – Trustable Products Provided is a Canada-based online pharmacy that promises to sell you the same type and quality of drugs that you can find at other pharmacies, but at much lower prices.… – Regulatory Issues

More than 95% of online pharmacies are illegal. Pharmacies often face many problems, ranging from mirrors to legal approval. is one of those sites. We’ve prepared a detailed review… – Not The Worst Place To Buy From is a pharmacy claiming to be a leading Canadian retailer offering cheap medicines. They say they put customers first because they provide reliable pills for a fraction of the… – Russian or Ukrainian Business is a Ukrainian online pharmacy selling sexual enhancers and more. Ukraine is a very dangerous country. It is classified as such because it is a well-known source of online… – Based in Russia

Generic drugs can be very affordable compared to branded drugs. The only question is whether the generics you want to buy are completely safe. Today we’re going to shed some… – Hard to count all of the issues claims to be the trusted supplier of generic drugs. The platform also claims that millions of US customers trust. It offers all kinds of medicines at an affordable price.… – Just another hoax claims to be the leading Canadian online pharmacy that sells generic men’s medications at affordable prices without a prescription. They also claim to maintain high levels of drug quality…